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Message to the DaiShihan


Yesterday, I asked Soke if he had any instructions or advice for the DaiShihan for the new year 2018. He said, Justice and Peace. He wishes all DaiShihan to bring about Justice and Peace in their own countries or their own areas. He noted that we now have DaiShihan in 55 countries around the wo...

Effective Training


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” AristotleTo be effective under duress, over time and with limited practice, training must follow three learning principles. It must be: Repeatable – The training can be repeated under duress without having a lot ...

Falling Leaves


I walked home today through an area lined with trees in their full fall glory with leaves dropping as I passed through. A number of leaves fell on me, on the sidewalk around me, but most fell to the ground around the tree. The fall leaves were everywhere – a beautiful sight. This got me to t...