Phil Alone

How I Train Alone?

I am often asked how to train alone. Training on your own is really important to becoming a better martial artist in any style. This is no different for Bujinkan students. As a general rule, I believe you should train twice as much on your own as you do in your dojo. We like to…

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Phil & Joanne after the Mayor's Midnight Marathon in Anchorage, AL 2014

Budo Fitness

What is martial arts fitness? Is there a place for fitness in the Bujinkan? There have been arguments for/against this since I started training in the Bujinkan in 1977. Budo Fitness can be easily misunderstood. Most of us probably envision a lot of knuckle pushups, hundreds of kicks, split stretching and calisthenics at the beginning…

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Debris Shelter

Survival Imperatives

At Bufestivus 2014, I taught a segment on wilderness survival. We’ve gotten a bunch of emails asking for notes on that lesson, so here they are, complete with a few pics from my training with Tom Brown and a fire-starting video! Four survival imperatives: Shelter Fire Water Food [Two more I would add to the…

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mark omote screen

Kihon Happo – The Foundation of the Bujinkan

The following is a translation Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki section on Kihon Happo is provided by Mark Lithgow, the original piece was published by Hatsumi-Soke in one of his annual Shidoshi newsletters. Remember these are drills more than techniques. The Kihon Happo are drills to develop your base for Taijutsu. Kihon Happo does not mean basics,…

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Noguchi-Sensei Togakure

This month, Taka Seigi Members are being treated to Noguchi-sensei teaching waza from Togakure and explaining the kihon within! We also have knife & firearm instruction from Dean Rostohar & Morten from Norway sharing hip throwing techniques. For access to this great training, and new material every 2 weeks, look into Becoming a Member today!

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melian debate

Decision and Conduct of War

I was in Australia recently to teach several seminars on ShinkenTaijutsu and Budo Taijutsu. On the night of my arrival in Adelaide I put my Masters Degree in National Security Strategy (National War College) to the test and led an interactive lecture on the lessons learned from the Melian dialogue during the Peloponnesian War. The…

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Streaming Video on Iphone

New look for the member’s site

This month, the Taka Seigi member site got a major spring cleaning! We totally revamped the look of the site, but more importantly, the system has been optimized for use on mobile devices! Now it is easier and faster than ever to reference our training materials during your live dojo training. Of course we also…

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Shodan Menkyo Defined

Menkyo Defined

We’ve been discussing the topic of rank lately in our webinars and during the black belt seminar, so I thought this would be a good time to write a short piece on what an authentic Bujinkan menkyo looks like. Pictured below is a copy of an authentic Bujinkan Shodan Menkyo with explanations as to what…

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Phil Alone

How Do I Train Alone?

                The Bujinkan’s method of training typically involves two or more training partners exploring techniques under the observation of a qualified Shidoshi (instructor). However, some of us may not live near a certified Bujinkan Dojo, or maybe we have to travel frequently for work, or for any number…

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Colt Tactical Self Defense Defender Pen, Glass Breaker and Crown Kubotan (grey). Monte Blanc pen in middle for contrast. Night Armor Tactical Pen with Built-in Flashlight (black).

Tactical Pen Review pt 2

Recently I tested out 2 more tactical pens (pictured), the Colt Defender and the Night Armor Tactical Pen w/light. I took each of these to work with me for a week and then flew across country and used them during a Bonenkai seminar last weekend. During the seminar a number of students played with each…

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