Streaming Video on Iphone

New look for the member’s site

This month, the Taka Seigi member site got a major spring cleaning! We totally revamped the look of the site, but more importantly, the system has been optimized for use on mobile devices! Now it is easier and faster than ever to reference our training materials during your live dojo training. Of course we also…

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Shodan Menkyo Defined

Menkyo Defined

We’ve been discussing the topic of rank lately in our webinars and during the black belt seminar, so I thought this would be a good time to write a short piece on what an authentic Bujinkan menkyo looks like. Pictured below is a copy of an authentic Bujinkan Shodan Menkyo with explanations as to what…

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Phil Alone

How Do I Train Alone?

                The Bujinkan’s method of training typically involves two or more training partners exploring techniques under the observation of a qualified Shidoshi (instructor). However, some of us may not live near a certified Bujinkan Dojo, or maybe we have to travel frequently for work, or for any number…

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Colt Tactical Self Defense Defender Pen, Glass Breaker and Crown Kubotan (grey). Monte Blanc pen in middle for contrast. Night Armor Tactical Pen with Built-in Flashlight (black).

Tactical Pen Review pt 2

Recently I tested out 2 more tactical pens (pictured), the Colt Defender and the Night Armor Tactical Pen w/light. I took each of these to work with me for a week and then flew across country and used them during a Bonenkai seminar last weekend. During the seminar a number of students played with each…

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Active shooter loadout

Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

There have been a number of these unfortunate events over the last few years. Virginia Tech, Columbine, the Denver movie theater, New Town, Connecticut and the US Navy Yard to name a few. Analysis of these events show that those who flee at the first sign of trouble are the most likely to survive. Those…

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Kids on the beach

The Way It Was Part IV

The Mutsu Bay dojo and my farewell test  –   So we trained in parks, on the beach and at the mountain dojo for about two years while Sensei Fukuda built a new beach hotel and campgrounds called Kokumen Kenko Shukusha. We pleaded with him to also build a Hombu dojo on the campgrounds. He…

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Shinken Tactical Pens

Tactical Pen Review

The tactical pen is a great non-weapon option for legal carry at work and on travel. I believe three key components comprise a tactical pen. First, it has to be an actual writing instrument. Second, it must be designed to look like a pen and be carried or worn as a pen. Third, it must…

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Hitting the Makiwara in 1978

The Way It Was Part III

Mountain Training , Demonstrations and Being Japanese – So it was in my early days of training in Chugoku KuKempo that it was pretty tough. I mentioned earlier about the mountain training we did in both summer and winter. In winter we had the snow and ice and cold to deal with. In summer it…

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Iai Ogyaku and Handguns Oh My!

Just released some more great training for our members! Mark Lithgow-Shihan shows us more Iai (drawing/deploying the sword), which he calls the ‘bridge’ between taijutsu (unarmed) and kenjutsu (sword). Phil Legare-Shihan explains the fundamentals of Handgun use in Shinken Taijutsu. Noguchi-Sensei and Michael Pearce-Shihan look at the basic form and Ogyaku Much more… To…

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Phil makes Tea

The Way it Was Part II

Man or woman makes the Tea and Tea makes the man or woman –   In my early years of training in Chugoku KuKempo, it was customary for the junior students to open up the dojo and clean it before and after training, sweep snow off the roof in winter, get the fire going, make…

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