Message to the DaiShihan


Yesterday, I asked Soke if he had any instructions or advice for the DaiShihan for the new year 2018. He said, Justice and Peace. He wishes all DaiShihan to bring about Justice and Peace in their own countries or their own areas. He noted that we now have DaiShihan in 55 countries around the wo...

Effective Training


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle To be effective under duress, over time and with limited practice, training must follow three learning principles. It...

Message from Mark Lithgow (April 2016)


From Mark Lithgow: “Really good training with Hatsumi sensei today! I really liked how Phillip started the class before Sensei came. He spoke of how several people mentioned at the recent memorial event about the importance of kihon, and started the class with the Sanshin no Kata. He counted...

So, Who’s Kihon is right?


Soke gave us the Six Treasures of the Bujinkan at the last Shidoshi-kai, held on 2 September 2017. The first two Treasures are the Kihon Happo and the San Shin. He said we must practice these two Treasures every day. Soke then specifically directed all 15th dans, Yushu-Shihans and Dai-Shihans, ...

Training at Hombu 27 Aug 2017


I was able to make it to Sunday training at hombu today. Nagato Sensei taught the early class and I was able to train and film him teaching for our TakaSeigi website members. Nagato Sensei’s class was very lively and he focused mostly on defenses against two punches. The last few years Nagato S...

Kamae – Building the Fortress


Kamae – Building the Fortress The Structure of Kamae – Building the Fortress Kamae in the Bujinkan is much more than just a stance or ready position. It is the platform from which all movements are made and from which all techniques are delivered. Your kamae is quite literally the foundatio...

About the Godan Test


DON’T BE IN A HURRY(to take the Godan test) An article by Phillip Legare (Written in summer of 2005 while living in Japan) At the end of Sunday training at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo recently, several people lined up to take the Godan test. If you haven’t been to Japan, you may have never seen ...

Shidoshi-Kai 2017


At the Shidoshi-Kai yesterday Soke spoke about the True Treasures of the Bujinkan. He charged each and every Shidoshi, Shihan, Yusuu Shihan and especially the Dai-Shihan to abide by and pass on these 6 treasures. Here are the 6 Treasures Soke spoke of: Kihon Happo (the 8 foundational technique...

Falling Leaves


I walked home today through an area lined with trees in their full fall glory with leaves dropping as I passed through. A number of leaves fell on me, on the sidewalk around me, but most fell to the ground around the tree. The fall leaves were everywhere – a beautiful sight. This got me to t...

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