Inaugural Ninjutsu Spring Seminar 2017

This is going to be a very special event. It will be the first seminar for the new United States Ninpo Academy and the creation of the Taka Seigi Ninpo Academy, and the Taka Seigi Kanjizai Dojo. Both a direct branch under Shihan Phillip Legare right here in America.

This event is open to the general public. Anyone is welcome from any and all skill levels, to members and non-members of any organization. If you want to learn, and you want to train we want you here.

If you ever wanted to know what was going on in Japan and what Masaaki Hatsumi, Soke was teaching in Japan just a few days ago this is your chance. Not only be able to see it but have a Shihan (Master Level) instructor living in Japan teach it to you. And Ninjutsu memberships from Japan will be available during the event both days!

Registration is open for this special event right now!

Here is how to get involved: Email the United States Ninpo Academy at and we will send you all the information you need and sign you up for the training. Or call 410-615-8200.

There are two options to get involved:

Saturday and Sunday training: Both days $150 Just Saturday or Sunday $100 All payments must be in cash at the door the first day of your training. No checks or credit cards can be accepted.

Short Info

logoWhen: Saturday and Sunday May 6th and 7th
logoLocation: Address: 514 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore MD 21212 (Kanjizai Martial Arts)
logoPhone: 410-615-8200 for Details