Mark Lithgow (Left) Training with Phillip Legare (Right)

Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo


BuFestivus Finale

10-12 July 2015

Shihan Mark Lithgow – Sword

Shihan Karl Koch – Bo

Dai-Shihan Phil Legare - Shinken

Join the BTSD Hombu and these senior instructors for the final BuFestivus on the Legare Estate before Phil and Joanne move back to Japan. In celebration, Shihan Mark Lithgow is coming from Japan to teach us in sword. Shihan Karl Koch will be up from North Carolina to teach Bo. And Dai-Shihan Legare will bring our training to life and provide its modern context. We will also have time to explore the true meaning of BuFestivus with comraderie of budo spirit, the whining pole, feats of strength, and of course the Red Shed (aka Tiki Bar). This will be a unique experience with camping and outdoor training outside. Pitch your tent and immerse yourself in a weekend of training the old fashioned way!! We will limit our time indoors and maximize use of our outdoor environment. Neighbor John has offered his pool for everyone to cool off after training and host a cook out poolside on Saturday evening, bring your swimsuit, towel and something to throw on the grill. All meals will be on your own this year, but there are plenty of resources nearby where you can buy food and beverages as needed or pack a cooler or two for the weekend. The Tiki Bar will be operational after training each night, so bring adult beverages if you wish to partake. For those who want to train but not camp, we recommend the Best Western or Days Inn in Westminster.

About the instructors: Phillip Legare started training in the Bujinkan in 1977 in Aomori, Japan. He travels to Japan on a regular basis and was a resident student at Hombu, 2003-2007 and will be soon again starting in September (2015-2018). Mark Lithgow has lived in Japan and trained in the Bujinkan longer than any other Gaijin student (28 years). Mark is also an accomplished student in Kyudo (Japanese Archery) and Shinkage Ryu (the oldest and most respected Japanese sword schools) Karl Koch has trained in the Bujinkan for more than 30 years and travels annually to Japan with large groups of students.


Where: BTSD Hombu: 1823 E. Mayberry Rd. Westminster, MD. 21158 (tel. 907-947-2804). See below for directions.

Training venue will be in our basement on Friday night and outdoors on Saturday and Sunday.

Date: July 10-12, 2015
Time: Friday: 5-7pm: Registration, camp set up.

             7-9pm: Budo Taijutsu

Saturday: 10am-6pm: Training, lots and lots of training

6-9pm: Pool party and bbq next door at John’s place

9pm-? Red Shed around fire, airing of grievances, feats of strength

Sunday: 10am-4pm: Training, lots and lots of training

Sunday evening: Optional dinner out at ABC and sleep over for those that want to stay

Cost: Single days:

     Friday only - $55

     Saturday or Sunday only - $95


     Friday/Saturday or Friday/Sunday - $130

     Saturday & Sunday - $165

     Full Weekend - $200

Camping: Free to participants. $10 extra per person for the weekend for those not paying a training fee.


Discounts: - No discounts at all for 1 day participation.

- If pre-registering for combo or full weekend training by 3 July, take $25 off the total price.

- Website members take an additional $10 off the combo or full price, either early or at the door.

- Training spouse/significant other (same household), one pays full price and the 2nd pays half price (of the full price. Example: If a couple pre-registers before 3 July for the full weekend, one pays $175 (-$25), the other pays $100 for a total of $275. And a website member can take an additional $10 the total.

- Kids are welcome, but they are their parents’ responsibility. They will not be allowed to train unless specifically vetted by Phil Legare ahead of time. They can play in the pool and look at the horses and enjoy the camping experience, but they must be under your supervision. Remember: Non-training family members are $10 each please.

- Youth family members who are cleared to train are the same half price as a spouse/ partner. Contact me if you have questions about pricing.

Note: See below for a list of items to bring

To pre-register for this seminar, please mail the registration form and a check payable to:


PO BOX 667


Or you may use a credit card or PayPal to make your payment. If paying by cc please fill out the form below and send me the following information:

CC nbr, expiration date, CVV, zip code the card is billed to and an email or cell number to text the receipt. Recommend if you send via email that you send part of the info in one email and the rest in another, not all in one email.

For paypal payment, please send payment to my email address on paypal account. Please also add all registration info in the comments section of your paypal

.NOTE: When sending in advance payment, please use the registration form below or provide the same info via email or in the comment section of your PayPal transaction. Contact Phil at the email address above if you have any questions.

DIRECTIONS TO TRAINING: Take 95N or S to the Baltimore beltway. Take 695W towards Towson. Get on 795N and take it until it ends at 140W, which you take all the way to Westminster. Go through town and turn right on Rt. 97N/Littlestown Rd. Go approx 8 miles and turn left onto Mayberry Rd. (just past Brewer’s Market on right). Go ¾ of a mile and turn left onto the gravel road marked with a red triangle and yellow rectangle on the telephone pole. Your GPS will fail you here, so heed the telephone pole signs. Go to almost the end of the gravel road. Our house is the big grey colonial on left. You went too far if you go down a steep hill and the gravel road gets rougher. Park along the driveway or off to the right in the yard. Parking at the house is limited so we encourage carpooling if you can. We will have a marked emergency vehicle. Please do not block it in.

TRAVEL INFORMATION: For those flying in, we recommend you book your ticket into BWI or Dulles. The training is approx a 45-mile drive from BWI and approx a 65-mile drive from Dulles. You will need to rent a car for the weekend or catch a ride with one of your training buddies who live in the area.

CAMPING: Bring a tent or tarp and normal camping gear. If you want to bring a camp stove, that is fine. We will have a fire and a grill to cook on, but can always use additional stoves. Bring your own cooking/eating utensils. We will provide paper plates and plastic wear, but if you have your own please bring it. If you are flying in and are not able to bring camping equipment, you are welcome to sleep in the Tiki Bar (aka the Red Shed) on a first come/ first serve basis. I have 4 cots and additional floor space.

DON’T WANT THE CAMPING EXPERIENCE? The Best Western Hotel and the Days Inn in Westminster are the closest and most reasonably priced hotels in the area.  The Best Western’s contact info is:  451 WMC Drive, Westminster, MD. 21158-4336. Tel. 410-857-1900, Fax. 410-857-9584, Toll Free Res. 1-800-780-7234. The Days Inn contact info is: 25 S. Cranberry Rd. Westminster, MD. 21158. Tel. 410-857-0500. Rates are running for each between $49-69 a night. Sorry no special discounts for the seminar.


         Weapons: Bring bokken, padded sword, bo, padded bo, training red knives, red guns, metal pen (tactical pen), training metal flashlights, etc.

         Food: Bring what you will want to eat for breakfast and dinner. Bring fruit and snacks or something light for lunch. Drinks: bottle water/Gatorade type hydration during the day. Adult beverages for the evening if you wish. Recommend a cooler with ice to store your food for the weekend. If you are flying in and traveling light, there is a market and a liquor/beer store about 1 mile from our house.  The house will not be able to store any food for you over the weekend, but we can loan you a cooler if you need one. This is part of training that you plan for this on your own.

         What to wear: Bring light outdoor training clothing. It will be hot and/or rainy. Shorts and T shirts are okay to train in. Recommend you wear sturdy shoes, outdoor tabi or sandals. No bare feet. Bring a towel for after the pool and a blanket for sitting on at night and for sleeping. Long sleeve for the evenings and in case you need to cover up from the sun. Hats and sunscreen for daytime training are a must! We will be outside. Running shoes/skins for the morning runs (optional). Rain gear and rain tent gear is a must this time of year. Do NOT face your tent opening to the South. This is the direction of most of our wind and rain storms.

         Miscellaneous: Small pocket knife to carve/whittle with. Flashlight. It gets dark out here in the country at night. Sunscreen, lotion, insect repellant, small first aid kit that includes band-aids, antiseptic, Benadryl (or the like for stings), Ibuprofen (or the like for headache, swelling). If you are severely allergic to bee stings, bring an Epi pen and let me know you have it/where it is at all times. We will have port-a-pottys set out for going to the bathroom. Bring anti-bacterial wipes or a squirt bottle.

For more information about the seminar please see our website: or our Taka Seigi Facebook page (events section) or email We will post additional information as it becomes available.