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Now we know that you would much rather train than watch videos of other training! So, twice per month, we release short training clips from Soke, Noguchi, Nagato, & some of the most experienced gaijin Shihan from around the world. These little videos are perfect for reminding you of a training point, inspiring you to work on another aspect of the art, or taken into your dojo and used as a teaching aid. For your training convenience, they can be streamed directly or downloaded to your desktop or mobile device.

Brent Earlewine

One of the biggest values I find to the site is that I can always find a fresh idea for my student’s and I’s training. Everything from the basics from Noguchi for example all the way out to information and video clips from the latest seminar. The constantly refresh of the information brings me back month after month to see what is new and exciting!

Brent Earlewine, Bujinkan Shihan
Robert Keaveny

Since beginning my training 8 months ago,the taka seigi website has been an invaluable resource for me. Any questions I’ve had between classes, on how to do a technique, kamae , etc… What better resource than videos of my teachers’ teachers(and quite a few of him too)….in-depth, with a solid look at our base, which is exactly what I need…keep up the great work and keep it coming

Robert Keaveny
Ray Baker

I have been fortunate to have been able to train with such wonderful Shihan through Phil Sensei, and i have tried to discern what makes those Shihan so darn good! It has occured to me that they have such strong fundamentals! The website gives me the opportunity to study the fundamentals that those Shihan have and work on those aspects in my own training- it has become an invaluable resource in the progression of my own taijutsu!!

Ray Baker, Bujinkan Shidoshi

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Phil Legare

I find the site very helpful when I am teaching a seminar or class somewhere and want to show a proper Kihon Happo or sword technique or bo technique, etc. I just log in with my laptop and then go right to Noguchi Sensei demonstrating the Kihon and let everyone see it on the screen for themselves. Then we practice it. I think this way of training helps to learn the technique much better than just me demonstrating and everyone following along. Goes with the thought, word, deed concept. Plus its good for my own training because I then get to teach whatever the technique is just as Noguchi Sensei did it. The quality of the instructors on the videos and the way you have indexed them for easy access and the portability of the videos are the 3 things I think are the most helpful to me.

Phil Legare Bujinkan Shihan

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