Arguably this is the one Japanese word that defines the art of the Bujinkan. Ichimonji loosely means first position or stance. Is it a defensive position? Is it a ready position? Is it static or a move? Does it change to something else when you put a sword or Yari in your hands? Is Ichimonji…

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Online Training Sunday Nov 4

Everyone, I’m going to be doing a Free webinar this Sunday at 7pm EST here are all the relevant details to take part! Please register for Travel and training in Japan & the Bujinkan with Phil Legare Shihan on Nov 4, 2012 7:00 PM EST at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5803805458620258816 This will be a great training opportunity for…

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Shinken Tactical Shotgun Reload

The Taijutsu of Shotgun Recently, as part of a one of my Saturday seminars, I taught some of what I would call the Taijutsu of Shotgun. Soke once said you have to understand that all weapons have their own Taijutsu and adapt your movement to the weapon, not the weapon to you. I prefer using…

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Ichimonji no Waza

Because I like you guys so much, I decided to give you a free sample of the kind of high-quality content we release for our members every month. Here is a full instructional video of Mark Lithgow teaching the Bujinkan Kihon Happo directly from the densho!

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We have all been hearing and reading about the new theme for this year, Kaname. The small metal pin that holds a fan together. In typical Soke fashion, he named the theme of the year as Kaname. Painted the kanji for it on a huge scroll and hung it on the wall in Hombu. The…

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Shihan Mark Lithgow, coming to TakaSeigi.com !!

We are pleased to announce to our members that we will be releasing video to the TakaSeigi website of Shihan Mark Lithgow, over the next few days. As you may know, Mark is a long time resident martial arts student living in Noda, Japan. He is a senior instructor/student the Bujinkan and is a constant…

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Knife Fighting Shinken Taijutsu

Shinken Taijutsu Knife Fighting Video   This is the intro section of a hour long training I give on basic knife fighting. The full session includes proper grip, stances, deployment/drawing, and basic ways to deal with a knife being drawn against you. Members can see the full training along with a ton more!

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Some Axe Throwing from Bufestivus 2012

This is just a quick video of some of the throwing weapon training from our most recent event. Instructional training videos from this training event and tons more are available to our Members!

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Olympics = Combat Training?

So I was reading an article in my VFW magazine yesterday about the ancient Greek Olympics and how the games resembled warfare. The article’s precis was that the Greeks designed their original Olympic games to promote combat fitness. For example, the Marathon race as we know it today was originally run in armor and carrying…

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What is Bujinkan Shinken Taijutsu?

What is Shinken Taijutsu? Simply put, Shinken Taijutsu is the modern combat application of Budo Taijutsu. Shinken is the Taijutsu of the Bujinkan martial arts put into modern context to effectively deal with modern weapons and dangerous situations we may face today, while staying within our legal framework. click here to join me on facebook…

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