The Difference Between Concealment & Cover

Most of us think that concealment and cover are pretty much the same thing. However, for those who’s lives may depend on it, there is a huge difference between the two. Proper concealment is just that. You are invisible to your opponent. You cant be seen. This would be like hiding in a tree or…

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Ramblings of a Bujinkan Shihan Part 2

Part 2 of Bujinkan Shihan Phil Legare’s discussion on training in the Bujinkan, how the art is taught, and the responsibilities of it’s unique ranking structure. Part 1 is available by clicking here

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Ramblings of a Bujinkan Shihan Part 1

Bujinkan Shihan Phil Legare discusses training in the Bujinkan, how the art is taught, and the responsibilities of it’s unique ranking structure. Click here to watch Part 2

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advanced stick fighting

The Kihon of the Bo

Soke told me long ago that in order to become good in a particular weapon you have to understand the “Taijutsu” of that weapon. Each weapon has its on Taijutsu that we must understand and conform to if we are to master the weapon. In the beginning, most of us try to conform the weapon…

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Concepts from training with Totokuhyoshi – the Sword as Shield – Part 1

Thoughts by Karl Koch, Shihan   Recently, I had the opportunity to train with Shihan Rob Renner regarding the recent training in Japan and the concept of Totokuhyoshi.  This kamae is general demonstrated with the sword held vertically out front as a method for deflecting shuriken; a practice which, while interesting to study, seems relatively…

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Shotgun Loads Analyzed

One of the many reasons I like a shotgun for hunting or home defense is its versatility in use of ammo. 2 3/4 or 3″ shells and anything from number 8 bird shot to number 2 small game loads to slug rounds for deer. Shotguns can handle almost any load that you need for hunting.…

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What is Uke?

I think sometimes in the Bujinkan we have a misconception about what an Uke is and their role in training. Some think that the Uke is always the junior person and they are solely there for the senior person to learn a technique. Merely sacrificing their body so the senior person can do a good…

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Bujinkan Kicking

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about proper punching and made a reference to kicks as also being maligned by outsiders. No doubt about it, Bujinkan kicks are extremely powerful kicks when done properly. We have all taken a well-placed heel stomp kick to the torso that took the wind out of us.…

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Proper Punching

It is said by some that Bujinkan people don’t know how to punch or kick. I believe this is a reaction to the long distance punch and heel stomp kicks we do so often as an uke for the tori to practice a technique. What the casual observer fails to see are the devastating Bujinkan…

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Bujinkan Rank

In preparation for our webinar on “Rank in the Bujinkan” (scheduled for 25 Nov at 1300 EST), I’d like to hear your thoughts on the only official rank test we have in the Bujinkan. The Godan or Sakki test. Recently this came up as a source of controversy at Hombu. Apparently, someone came over to…

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